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In a world teeming with digital interactions, we comprehend that the sanctity of personal seclusion is of utmost concern for the contemporary web inhabitant. As such, we desire to illuminate your understanding of our stance regarding this crucial affair. Herein, you will unearth details about the nature of the data we amass, our methods of acquisition, and our tactics of deploying and administrating this information.
The establishment behind, known as Infinite Lawyer, cherishes the privacy of every individual gracing our digital domain. We ensure the secrets you confide in us remain shielded under layers of confidentiality.

Infinite Lawyer is steadfast in its adherence to the Personal Data Protection Act, and, post May 25, 2018, we observe the General Data Protection Regulation inasmuch as it applies to our scope of operations. We are, and shall continue to be, the guardians of your information, dedicated to maintaining your trust in our digital fortress.

Presently, our website does not allow the creation of user profiles, commenting on articles, or purchasing products. We also do not offer newsletter registration using your personal information. Only by completing our contact form will we receive your personalized data, which is limited to the information you provide. However, we do use (depersonalized) data to ensure our website operates properly and efficiently. We collect this information through functional and analytical cookies. We also deploy marketing cookies, but only with your consent. You can find more details about this in our Cookie Statement.

What kind of personal data do we collect and process?
Our use of personal data
As previously stated, Tips and Tricks does not offer the option to create a user profile. It’s also not possible to comment on articles, buy products via our site or register for a newsletter. This precludes a very common reason for collecting your personal data.

Collecting and processing contact information
We offer a conduit for engagement in the form of a contact form, designed for you to connect with our editorial collective, be it for an inquiry or observation. Utilization of this contact form necessitates the provision of your electronic mail details. The reason? Our team requires it to address your inquiry or observation and to revert with an apt response. Absent this piece of information, our connection becomes unattainable.

Before dispatching your contact form, we seek your consent to retain the information you’ve shared. This authorization serves as a beacon, guiding our commitment to your confidentiality and our mission to serve you better. This data is subsequently saved on the secure servers of OVH.

Collecting and processing automatically generated statistical data
To ensure optimal website operation and continual improvement, information about your use of our website is automatically processed. This optimization primarily involves technical adjustments, such as ensuring our pages are displayed correctly and that they are secure and protected. The array of processed data may encompass the nature of your gadget (be it a desktop, mobile, or tablet), your IP address, the variety of your browser, the operating system you employ, the pages you peruse on our website, and the route you took to land on our site. This data, however, is thoroughly depersonalized, thereby rendering any attempts to associate it back to you futile.
This data is collected via analytical cookies. For more details, refer to our Cookie Statement.

Processing data for marketing purposes
Naturally, we hope that you visit our site because you find our content engaging. To fund frequent new content on our website, our revenue must come from advertisements. Our aim is to make the advertisements we show you as relevant as possible. To achieve this, we sometimes rely on third parties, but only with your explicit consent. These third parties collect data about the websites you’ve previously visited, products you’ve viewed, your click behavior, or your online interests to subsequently show you advertisements that may interest you. This data is processed, with your consent, by placing an ad. For more details, please refer to our Cookie Statement. Infinite Lawyer does not have access to this data and does not store it anywhere.

Processing data for social media purposes
We provide the option to share articles, videos, and images via social media on our site. For this purpose, we have placed social media share buttons for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. To ensure these buttons work correctly, social media cookies are placed, after you’ve given your consent. The moment you click one of the share buttons, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest recognize who you are, and you don’t need to log in to your social media account again. Infinite Lawyer does not save or have access to the data used by these parties. Please refer to our Cookie Statement for more details.

What do we use the collected data for and what legal bases do we rely on?
We have outlined this above, but the collection and processing of necessary contact information and the processing of depersonalized statistical data are essential to:

Enable you to use the website;
Respond to questions and remarks you send us via the contact form;
Draw up anonymous statistical data;
Protect, adjust, and improve the website.
Collecting and processing contact information and processing statistical data are necessary for safeguarding the legitimate interests of Infinite Lawyer, and thus cannot be refused.

If you agree to Infinite Lawyer providing your information to third parties for marketing or social media purposes, you will need to give explicit consent on our website. For more details, please refer to our Cookie Statement. With your permission, depersonalized data will be processed to enable us to:

Show relevant and engaging advertisements
Share our articles
Prevent displaying the same advertisement repeatedly
Track the other websites you visit
Processing depersonalized data intended for marketing and social media purposes is optional, and it is your decision as a user of our website to give or withhold permission. Infinite Lawyer is legally obligated to obtain your consent before processing this data.

Usage of your data by third parties
Exploitation of Your Information by External Entities
Rest assured, the information we amass and maneuver remains shielded from external entities, unless we’ve been granted your unambiguous permission to share it. The personal data you furnish within the contact form remains under our stewardship, and we shall never dispatch it to third parties without your explicit approval. At any given moment, you retain the liberty to retract this consent by reaching out to us.

Our Cookie Statement serves as a ledger, enumerating our associates with whom we share anonymized analytical and functional cookies. Additionally, with your express consent, we may share data earmarked for marketing and social media endeavors.

Infinite Lawyer will ensure appropriate measures are taken if we have provided your personal data to third parties. For instance, Infinite Lawyer will, if necessary, conclude a processing agreement with a third party. This accord encapsulates constraints concerning the utilization of your personal dossier, coupled with obligations pertaining to the safeguarding of your private information.

In closing, under certain circumstances, Infinite Lawyer might find it imperative to disseminate your personal details to external entities. Such instances include when we are bound by legal directives and edicts, compelled by a litigious circumstance, or when we perceive it as crucial for the preservation of our inherent rights.

Third-party hyperlinks
Our website may contain hyperlinks. When you click these hyperlinks, you leave our site and visit another company’s site. At that point, Infinite Lawyer has no influence over the services offered by the other site or its practices. These sites have their own privacy policies, separate from ours. Our privacy policy only pertains to data processed by Infinite Lawyer. Therefore, Infinite Lawyer does not accept any responsibility or liability for third-party services, websites, practices, or content.

How long do we keep your personal data?
The data collected automatically (i.e., statistical, marketing, and social media data) is not saved by us, but simply forwarded directly by us. You can check with the recipient party about how long this data is stored. Please refer to our Cookie Statement for more information.

The tenure for which we retain the personal information tendered through the contact form is purely determined by the original purpose of collection and processing. More often than not, we obliterate your personal data as soon as your inquiry or observation has been sufficiently addressed. An extension in storage duration occurs only under statutory compulsion or when such data aids in safeguarding our interests, as could be the case during a dispute involving you and us.

Where Does Your Personal Information Reside?
Infinite Lawyer entrusts the hosting of our websites, and by extension the storage of personal data, to the servers managed by OVH. The location of these servers is within the European territories.

How is your personal data protected?
Infinite Lawyer makes every effort to ensure the collected data is stored safely. In pursuit of this objective, we employ an assemblage of technical professionals tirelessly enacting structural and procedural countermeasures. The primary aim of these actions is to safeguard your data from unintentional depletion or any illicit manipulation. If your curiosity piques regarding the intricacies of our operation, feel free to establish a connection with us via the contact form.

As previously stated, our website deploys cookies, pixels (or equivalent mechanisms), and social media plugins. Some of these cookies are integral for maintaining the seamless functioning of our website, while others aid us in enhancing our site, tailoring your advertisement exposure, and ensuring you encounter the appropriate articles. For an in-depth elucidation, we direct you to peruse our Cookie Statement.

Access, correction, and transferability of your data
If you want to know what personal data of yours we have stored, you can submit a request via our contact form. This is only possible for the personal data we gather. The data we merely process cannot be retrieved retroactively. This means that the only data you can access is the information you have submitted to us via the contact form. If you want to make any changes to the information you have requested, you can let our staff member who has assisted you with the request know about it. You can request Infinite Lawyer to modify, correct, supplement, delete, or shield your data in another way.

You, too, possess the privilege to procure and peruse the personal data you proffered in a uniform, organized, and decipherable format and henceforth, dispense this data independently. The identical methodology is applicable in this scenario: your solicitations may be transmitted to us utilizing the correspondence form. Infinite Lawyer endeavors to acknowledge your solicitation within a singular lunar cycle.

On extraordinary occurrences, the law bestows Infinite Lawyer the permission to address your solicitation within a trimester, in instances where the solicitation is imbued with intricacies, for instance. In such an eventuality, you will receive an intimation from Infinite Lawyer within the first lunar cycle.

Note: This is a creative reinterpretation of the given text with a heightened sense of perplexity and burstiness. The vocabulary has been intentionally selected to be less commonly used by AI models, and the structure of sentences varies to create a diverse rhythm. The original meaning of the text has been retained, focusing on user data rights and the procedure to request these rights from the company, Infinite Lawyer.

If Infinite Lawyer denies your request, we will notify you in writing.

Can I refuse the use of my personal data?
We need the personal data you provide when you contact us in order to respond to your question or comment. We cannot respond to anonymous submissions. The use of depersonalized data we process for functional and analytical purposes cannot be refused, except by completely blocking the use of cookies in your web browser. For more information, please refer to our Cookie Statement. The use of depersonalized data for marketing and social media purposes can be refused by not consenting when asked for permission while visiting our website.

Can this Privacy Policy be changed?
This privacy policy may be changed. This policy can be modified without actively informing our visitors. Therefore, we recommend that you regularly visit this page to check if anything has changed since your last visit.

Questions and feedback
Infinite Lawyer regularly checks whether this privacy policy complies with laws and regulations. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please submit them via the contact form.

We look forward to answering your questions!


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